Blackwater Thames Sailing Barge Match 2014

Blackwater Thames Sailing Barge Match 2014

Here’s a youtube collection of photographs taken at the 2014 Blackwater Thames Sailing Barge Match…

Pudge and Centaur went head to head for the first time since Centaur had her bottom renewed. 

The Faversham lads obviously did a good job on her planking as she left Pudge, normally the faster barge, far behind.

They were joined in their class by Dinah, who was a very welcome sight after being absent from the matches in recent years.

The Senior Staysail barges enjoyed a tough battle all day. Niagara managed to get home first followed by Edith May, Repertor, Reminder & Melissa

The Bowsprits Class was won by Edme followed by Adieu, Cambria & Decima to complete the class.

Also on the water were Thistle, Kitty, Hydrogen, Nellie and Cygnet.

Another enjoyable day barge sailing on the picturesque River Blackwater.

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