Boarding Advice

Joining a Trust Barge.

General information for Trust Weekend sailings trips
You need to board between 1930 and 2200 on the Friday, where you can go aboard the barge without any formalities. Watch out for the many trip hazards – both above and below decks, especially the steel keelson at the bottom of the steps on Centaur.

If the barge has just returned with a  charter party on-board please do not board until they are totally clear, cleaned up and have left – but feel free to help them get their baggage ashore.

If the Mate for your sail is on-board please introduce yourself.
For all accommodation/domestic problems once on board please refer to the Mate in the first instance. The Mate will allocate a cabin and bunk to you.

Please add your name to the meal rota in the galley, the first on-board meal of the weekend is breakfast on Saturday.
On Friday evening the crew may go out as a whole to a local pub or you could get something from a local take-away, the choice is yours, but make sure the Mate knows you have arrived and check what time the barge is leaving before you go off alone, leave a note on the saloon table.
Please note Maldon is a drying port and we have to leave soon after the incoming tide lifts  the barge off the mud, this could be as early as 11PM Friday.

Don’t forget your sleeping bag, pillow, a torch, warm clothes, your camera, wellies if you have them and a bottle of wine for the evening meal if required.

A trip on a Thames Sailing Barge should be a safe and enjoyable experience, but as they are traditional vessels designed in the 19th century with heavy gear and equipment you do have to apply common sense and take reasonable care. Please take time to read our safety leaflet before you board for your trip. A pdf. copy can be accessed using this link.

TSBT Safety policy

The Mate will address the sailing group before you get underway covering the domestic arrangements as well as a Safety Brief. Please ask the Skipper or Mate if you have any concerns particularly on Safety related issues.

Where to find the barge.

This section gives details of the three main moorings used for charters and weekend sailing.

1) Maldon, Hythe Quay.

2) Ipswich, Orwell Quay

1) Mooring at Maldon.  CM9 5HN
Standing on Hythe Quay, facing the river, our barges are usually at the right hand end of Hythe Quay – nearest the road entrance and you have to walk across our lighter ‘SAILORMAN’ to get to board the barge, see photo above , see local  MAP
You can drive your car onto Hythe Quay to unload, but you must park elsewhere for the weekend –  There is street parking in Downs Rd a short walk away from the Queens Head. There are several Pay & Display car parks off Maldon High St.

2) Mooring at Ipswich.  IP3 0EA
Our barges moor in Ipswich Wet Dock normally on Orwell Quay or sometimes on Custom House Quay. the Crewing Secretary will advise mooring position ahead of the weekend sail.

Please note, there is a one-way traffic system operating around the Ipswich dock area.

 Note Google mapping does not show Orwell Quay which extends south from Neptune Quay along to University Avenue.  If you click on the zoom button Haven Marina will appear.

Link to Map

If you wish to get a vehicle near to Orwell Quay for loading/unloading access is via Duke St (B1458) then turning onto University Avenue. There are bollards at the end of the road but you can get within 50 metres of the barge mooring.

After loading/unloading vehicles should be parked up on the other side of the Wet Dock in Haven Marina, post code for Sat Nav is IP3 0EA, your Mate will provide you with a parking pass if required.

To get to Haven Marina leave University Ave, turn left onto Duke St then left at traffic lights on to A1156, left again onto the one-way system, left again onto the ring road (A137) and first left onto New Cut East, and the car park is sited along the left side before reaching the Haven Marina office. You will need to allow about 15/20 mins to walk back to Orwell Quay via the north side of the dock.

Ipswich railway station is about 20 minutes walk away, just south of the river. Leave the station, turn right along Burrell Rd; after passing some traffic lights the road bends left crossing the river on Stoke Bridge. When on the north bank cross to the right hand side of Bridge and follow the road along the north side of the river into the old Dock area. This quayside walkway follows the north side of the Dock past several restaurants and bars, then the Old Custom House before curving right along Neptune Quay passing the University buildings and on to Orwell Quay. There is a large pay and display public car park on your left which is accessed from University Avenue.