Historic and recent pictures of Pudge and Centaur feature on this page along with links to items which appear on Youtube and relate to the Trusts activities.

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Peter Roberts Collection

This is a film of barge pictures taken from a photograph album that was found on Centaur and was left to us by the late Peter Roberts. The photographs were taken between the 1950’s and 2000. The pictures have been scanned from the album and the album will be placed in the Trust’s archive.

Peter Roberts Collection

Centaur Gallery








Centaur from Pudge during Blackwater Match 2013








Centaur at Woodbridge June 2012







Centaur’s Bow

Centaur Medway Match 2014

Centaur Medway Match 2014

Pudge Gallery








Pudge at the ‘Avenue of Sail’ Queens Jubilee 2012











Pudge, Thames Barge Match 2012








Pudge on Charter

Pudge during the Southend Match 2013

Pudge May 14 Blackwater CH









Pudge Blackwater Match 2014