Medway Barge Match 2016

Pudge gets Pudge Crew Medway Barge Match 2016a bundle of cups in the 108th Medway Barge Match

Skipper Terry O’Sullivan’s report of the match:

‘It turned out a great day for the Skipper, the crew and the Trust.

Tony De Winton was skipper, myself Mainsheetman/mentor, Chris Martin mate, and we
had two of our latest trainees/third hands. Plus Pat, Kelvin Pilgrim, Peter Harewood, and Sid Platt. All worked very hard. It was tacking all the way out, and running all the way back.

‘Cup for First Over Line in class’

Our class was Cambria, Pudge, Lady of the Lea. Lady of the Lea actually passed the start line first, but she went aground at Darnet and retired.

Unexpectedly, the match committee decided to give us the cup for first over line in class. We managed to stay ahead of Cambria to the outer mark (No 4 buoy), and received a cup for that.

‘Seamanship Award’

In fact we led the fleet from the point we had overtaken Lady of the Lea just before her retirement till near Garrison Point where the faster Barges caught us up. Cambria passed us on the way home, but we got a cup for second in class.

The icing on the cake was that we got the Seamanship Award for the day, a silver platter, with a pennant as well. It is not often Pudge gets a bundle of cups.

‘The crew worked very hard’

Tony did a great job doing all the right things. The crew worked very hard, and Pudge, coming straight out of the dry dock, was as clean as possible, so that helped.

It was a rush job for the Thursday group to makes sure she was fit to sail after the shipwright work (new rudder) but they did a grand job.

‘Tony received loud applause’

Tony received loud applause when accepting awards, and later, personal praise from various skippers.

Mick Nolan was mate on Cambria, and had two of our trainees with him on her. Good for him and the Trust also.Cambria Crew Medway Barge Match 2016

Ian Ruffles entrusted the helm of Cambria to Mick for much of the match, a bonus for Mick, and a mark of trust in his growing abilities.’

Video of the 2016 Medway Barge Match

Simon North was aboard Sailing Barge Cambria on the day and has made this excellent 20 minute video, which contains footage of a number of barges, including Pudge.

Match Results

10 barges entered the 108th Medway Barge Match as follows:

Coasting Class: Pudge, Lady of the Lea and Cambria.
The Restricted Stays’l class : Niagara, Repertor and Edith May.
The Bowsprit class: Mirosa,  Edme, Adieu and Marjorie.

Read the results here.

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